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The display case is officially finished and installed in Love & Luxe!  Johnny worked up to the wire to get all the last details in.  He also built fixtures for displaying jewelry on the inside; all magnetic.  The shop is looking great, with beautiful watercolors by Ellen Little framing the space.  It was exciting to see Johnny’s rings and earrings amidst all the other gorgeous jewelry in L & L (his rings are in photos #5 and #7).  Betsy Barron set up shop while we installed, as you can see in photo #6 with some of her rings, necklaces, and earrings.  Overall this was a great experience and we really enjoyed having the opportunity to spend some time with Betsy, feeding off the knowledge and excitement she exudes for her work.  We’re looking forward to our next visit up to San Francisco!  

If you’re interested in seeing photos of the building process, check out Johnny’s flickr site.

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