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A big thank you to Laurie Griffiths Interior Design for including me in her blog post "Etsy Delights: 10 Fab Artists To Check Out".  It’s very cool to be nestled in a grouping of such talented makers (such as this lady and this lady- two of my favorite painters out there) and for the Forecast Series and shop to be written about with such kind words. 

Head over to Laurie’s site to learn more about her design services and to read the full post.  Thanks Laurie!

Hey San Franciscans!  Don’t forget to swing by Valencia Street to see Johnny’s work in Love & Luxe.  Tis the season for sparkly things like handmade conflict-free diamonds or sterling eucalyptus earrings!  You can also see the display case he built for L & L a couple months ago.

And if you’re around CA’s central coast, my work is currently on display and being sold at Coquelicot Winery’s Tasting Room in Los Olivos.  Nothin’ wrong with sipping some wine (gooood wine at that) while looking at some art!




Happy Friday!  Stay tuned for a new Saturday Scraps post tomorrow.