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Just some photos of a lovely home, all in monochrome.

I’m loving the warm light mixed with shades of white, black, and grey. Get me in that kitchen! Or even better, get me in that tub!

Later in the week we’ll be posting another studio update from a casting Johnny did last night! This casting produced a total of 20 new pieces, ranging from rose-cut diamonds, components for broaches and earrings, and more for his latest series using the combination of steel and gold. Good stuff! Stay tuned…

(Found via Nordic Design, photos by Daniela Witte for Skona Hem)

In 2010 Italian designer Cizak Dalmas launched La Clinica, a collection of furniture and housewares with a story.  What you see here are all handcrafted pieces produced by artisans located in three parts of the world: Brazil, Italy, and Spain.  This collection is “based on the interaction between young designers and experienced artisans, which combines new ideas with centuries-old know-how”. According to local traditions and resources for materials, the result is three different collections based around the same basic design.  Visit La Clinica’s website for more info and photos!

Everytime I get around to posting blues on Wholesome Scraps 2, I always come back to Pia Pasalk’s gorgeous porcelain vessels from her ‘Perfect/Imperfect’ series.  Though her clay work is featured here, her design label, Content & Container, reaches beyond into other realms:

Launched in 2008, Pia Pasalk’s design label Content & Container celebrates the beauty of the inconspicuous, of that which lies concealed beneath the everyday surface.  It turns the everyday into an element of style, the blemish into the focus of design.  Ignoring the boundary between jewellery, product, and fashion, Content & Container creates concept-based works that are at once objects of utility and multi-faceted sites of sensual experience combining look and feel in equal measure.  Content & Container produces small series, limited editions as well as one-of-a-kind-pieces.

Click here to visit Content & Container (the design of her site is fabulous as well)!