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Yikes.  It’s been an entire month since Johnny’s show at Love & Luxe.  (We’ve been a bit preoccupied…how does 9 months go so quickly?)  Better to post late than never though, right?  

The show was a blast.  The shop looks fabulous as usual and every glimpse we have into San Francisco keeps us wanting to go back for more.  Johnny was psyched to have the opportunity to meet many of his customers and some of Love & Luxe’s other featured artists.  Speaking of, the last photo is of two kinetic sculptures by John Biggs.  His work is incredibly intricate and beyond cool.  Look him up!

Johnny’s Barnacle Collection is currently on display.  Swing by and check it out if you’re in the area.

Love and Luxe presents Johnny Ninos and John Biggs from Martha Traer on Vimeo.

THIS Saturday, August 4th!  It’s show time at Love & Luxe!

If you’re in the San Francisco area be sure to stop by and say hi. Johnny will be available during his trunk show from 3-6pm. (Looking to make a custom order? This is a great time to make it happen!) Then from 6 to 10pm it’s the opening reception for “Dexterity” - a show featuring Johnny’s new Barnacle Series, sculpture by John Biggs, and painting by Jose Arenas. 

Here’s a video preview for the show, created by Martha Traer for Love & Luxe. Hope to see you there!  And for those of you who can’t make it, check Johnny’s Instagram for photos of the show (search for Johnny Ninos).